About Us

SAMSEN offering one-stop turn-key service for her world wide clients. Customers give us their ideas, we materialized it into reality and make mass production and shipping. From small and precise connectors to large electronic consumer or automotive parts, 90% of her products are for export to all wide of the worlds.
We are strategists, researchers, designers, engineers & manufacturing partners, working together to solve meaningful product design & development problems.

The Product Development Team at SAMSEN offers customized solutions based on the specific needs of each of our clients and their end users.  We believe the key to a successful product is seamless communication at the earliest stages of the development process.  Careful analysis and a firm understanding of a client’s requirements allows SAMSEN to tackle even the most demanding requirements. Utilizing the vast engineering resources within SAMSEN allows us to explore customized design choices which lead to cost reductions in tooling and manufacturing as well as continuous quality and reliability improvements.

Bring products from concept to reality by operating reliable and responsible supply chain methods, offering unique full one-stop-shop turnkey capabilities allowing SAMSEN to reduce tooling and part manufacturing costs while shortening lead times.

Our range of services spans planning through production. See how we can best complement your internal capabilities.