Good molds and good machines make good products! SAMSEN industrial has a full range of mold-making and measuring equipment totally over 100 machines. Below are the main equipment list that SAMSEM team used for offering good quality products to all over the world.

  • Mold-Making Machine

    Name Quantity (Sets) Origin
    Mikron High-Speed CNC 1 Switzerland
    Makino F5-900 1 Japan
    Charmilles Mirror EDM 2 Switzerland
    Wellhead High-Speed CNC MVC-850 1 Taiwan
    Maike CNC MVC-850 1 Taiwan
    Sodick Slow Wire-Cutting Machine 1 Japan
    Radial Drill 2 Japan
    Digital Milling Machine 8 Taiwan
    Vertical Drilling Machine 1 Taiwan
    Grinding Machine 4 Taiwan
  • Production Facilities

    Name Quantity (Sets) Origin
    Plastic injection 1000T 1 Taiwan
    Plastic injection 800T 1 Taiwan
    Plastic injection 50-150T 14 Japan
    Dual Color injection 2 China
    Plastic injection 80-450T 30 China
    Liquid Silicon Injection 3 China
    Solid Silicon Compression 18 China
    Digital Milling Machine 8 Taiwan
    Die-Casting Machine 5 Taiwan
    Stamping Machine 8 China
  • Matching Service

    Name Quantity (Sets) Origin
    Ultrasonic Welding Machine 2 Taiwan
    Gilding Press 2 Taiwan
    Auto Silkprinting Line 1 Taiwan
    Pad printing Line 2 China
    Venting System 1 China
    Dust-free Spraying Line 1 China
    Vaccum Plating Machine 1 Taiwan
    UV Furnace 1 China
    Laser Engraving Machine 1 China
    Manual Painting Line 2 China
    Assembly Line 3 China
    Full Automatic painting line 1 China
  • QC facilities

    Name Quantity (Sets) Origin
    Altimeter 3 Japan
    Projector 1 Taiwan
    Digital projector 1 Taiwan
    Tool microscope 2 Japan
    2CMM 2 Taiwan
    3CMM 2 Japan
    Gear Fitting 1 Japan
    Micrometer 16 Japan
    Dial indicator 18 Japan
    Digital caliper 15 Japan