Design & Innovation Strategy

We have very professional designers and engineers whom can help client finished 2D/3D files with producible and cost-effective way.

All of our engineers have 10+ years experience on the real production, so their designs are efficiently and productively.

Prototyping Services

As an OEM factory, we developed a large number of projects successfully in the past years! 90% of them are new in the world and Some of them need a prototype to test the function before making molds and mass production.

So the Prototype service is necessary! SAMSEN has very reliable contracting factories whom could help make prototype!

Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing of plastic, silicone and metal molds and its finished products, SAMSEN established strict and professional quality control system under the certification of ISO9001, TS16949 and ISO14001, all these are assuring her customer of the most effective service and qualified products.

You name it, we make it. Our service is to help client materialized their ideas Into reality and make mass production, then ship to this client only! We did not have any of our own brand products, and no any platform to sell our products.


To meet client’s complicated projects needs and offer them one stop turn-key service, We arranged very professional purchasing department whom can help us deal with the correct catalogue parts with competitive price, working together with our engineering team to finished the whole projects efficiently.